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The fact that you are here reading this issue of Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine, and that we are still here writing it, is conclusive proof that we are survivors. In evolutionary terms we have come a very long way and it is thanks to the
resourcefulness and tenacity of our ancestors that we are still here on this
planet, fighting the good fight to continue their legacy.

Pestilence, famine and conflict have existed throughout our evolution, not to
mention the fact that for a significant percentage of this timeframe we were a few links from the top of the food chain, as we sought to hunt and scavenge an existence while avoiding becoming a meal for something bigger, stronger and meaner. Yet, despite everything, here we are.

Few would argue that these are challenging times, but it is in times of
adversity that we discover who we really are and our ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances is one of the defining characteristics of our species.

While spending time in the natural world and practicing bushcraft is something that 1 gain immense enjoyment from, there has always been an ulterior motive for my interest in learning practical skills that would give me an advantage if I ever found myself in a true survival situation. Of course, the usual hypothetical scenarios that I teach as an instructor for survival situations are often shipwrecks or plane crashes in remote locations, but it could be argued that every aspect of our lives is a fight for survival and by adopting the same survival mentality to our everyday lives we will be in a much more advantageous position to deal with the unforseen situations that life can throw at us.

Being prepared for the unexpected is at the very core of survivalist thinking and while a carefree laissez- faire attitude may be considered a positive attribute during ‘normal* times, it can be a recipe for disaster during times of hardship, when pragmatism and sheer bullish determination are the qualities that will win through. Our basic survival priorities remain the same regardless of whether we’re stranded in a remote wilderness location, or at home. We still need shelter, clean water, food and a support network of people who we trust and value. Additionally, it makes sense to plan and ensure that you have back up options for those times when things get weird.

So, with these thoughts in mind I have great pleasure introducing our latest writers Mark and Sharyn Johnston from Prepper’s Paradise, who will be sharing their
knowledge about practical preparedness for uncertain times.
Enjoy and Stay Safe.