Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – Issue 81 – July/Aug 2019


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‘The instinct to survive will never change; neither will the human body’s amazing ability to endure.’

JOHN ‘LOFTY’ WISEMAN, SAS Survival Handbook

Here at Bushcraft & Survival skills Magazine our year is neatly split into two halves, before the Bushcraft Show and after the Bushcraft Show, and what an incredible show it was. TBS 2019 was the biggest and dare I say best show yet, with some superb guest speakers including Alan Hinkes OBE, the first British mountaineer to claim all 14 of the worlds 8,000 metre peaks, Ed Stafford, the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon, and of course Lofty Wiseman, author of the SAS Survival Handbook, a book that inspired myself and countless others to pursue a life of adventure and learning.

The show also featured specialist demonstrations by some of the UK’s leading bushcraft instructors, as well as a record number of international guest instructors, including Torbjörn Selin from Sweden and tracking expert Kyt Lyn Walken from Italy. This international influence on the show seems to be growing steadily year on year, and it’s wonderful to hear accents from Brazil, Italy, Russia, Canada, and just about everywhere else in the world mixing in enthusiastic conversation with regional accents from throughout the UK. This year the organisers even allowed a significant number of Welsh people to attend, although, as I explained to David Thompson, any more than three Welshmen in one place is generally classified as an invasion.

And if the speakers and instructors weren’t enough to hold your interest, the traders and equipment stalls selling everything from knives and handicrafts, to military surplus and goblets of mead should be enough retail therapy for even the most discerning of shopping aficionados.

Without the support of our sponsors and an army of hard working volunteers the show could never happen, so our sincere thanks go to all of them. But what really makes the Bushcraft Show the biggest and best event of its kind in the world is the visitors themselves, who come either for the whole weekend, or just for the day, and make everything we do worthwhile.

This issue of Bushcraft & Survival skills Magazine features our very own Tim Gent (page 44), as he restores Noonmark, an original 1937 Old Town cedar and canvas canoe to its former glory. But will she float?

Also Paul Donovan tells us about the wonderful Baobab tree (page 26) and Torbjörn Selin shows us how to introduce the younger generation to using knives safely (page 82).

Mark Cox describes the process of hewing logs (page 10), Megan Hine shares her thoughts on the benefits of an outdoor life (page 38), Lofty Wiseman shares his wisdom on the skill of tracking (page 64), Ed Stafford illustrates the importance of shelter for survival (page 68), Paul Kirtley introduces us to the second part of his comprehensive piece about medicinal plants (page 74) and Laura Bingham writes about vegetable growing and seed saving (page 32).

Ian Nairn makes a canvas tool roll, on a budget of course (page 94), Richard Harpham tells us about his fat biking adventures in North Africa (that’s fat tyres not fat rider; page 86), and Naomi Walmsey shares her accidental foraging biscuit recipe (page 24).


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