Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – Issue 77 – Nov/Dec 2018


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What's included?

This issue is jam packed with fantastic articles by all your favourite writers. Learn how to make a leather arrow quiver with Ben and Lois Orford, how to make a handline for fishing with Tim Gent, and the importance of looking after your toes with Lofty Wiseman. Ed Stafford will be discussing the psychology of survival, while his other half, Laura Bingham, recounts her cycling adventure across Ireland while eight months pregnant!

Also in this issue, Naomi Walmsley makes ochre and beeswax crayons, Paul Kirtley shares his tactics for fire lighting in cold and damp conditions, Chris Lundregan makes another boozy foraged concoction (this time it’s sloe wine on) and Charlie Portlock looks at finding somewhere of your own to practice bushcraft skills.

As we head into winter it can be tempting to go into hibernation mode and stay indoors, but with the right preparation, skills and equipment the winter months can be a perfect time to get outside for some wonderful bushcraft adventures.

So stay safe and stay bushcraft savvy until our paths cross again.

Andrew Thomas-Price

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