Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – Issue 76 – Sep/Oct 2018


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What's included?

What’s in this issue…

Location is everything when it comes to setting up camp, and Tim Gent certainly knows a thing or two about selecting the perfect Wilderness Campsite.

Lymes disease is something that those of us who spend time in the outdoors should be aware of. Julia Knight from Lymes Disease UK tells us how to spot the symptoms and explains how to protect yourself against this debilitating disease.

Ian Nairn continues his excellent “Bushcraft on a Budget” series with a subject very close to my heart, Biscuits.

The mark of a good outdoorsman (or Woman) is how well they take care of their equipment. Ben Orford shows us how to make a leather axe collar to protect our axe shafts against damage, and let’s face it they look really cool too.

As the splendid summer of 2018 draws to a close, and our foraging baskets fill with the fruits of autumn, I’d like to wish you all the best with your adventures. Keep your knives and your wits sharp and remember that a rainy day in the woods is better than a dry day in the office.

Stay sharp and bushcraft savvy

Andrew Thomas-Price

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