Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – Issue 74 – May/Jun 2018


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What's included?

Some of the best things about Great Britain for our bushcraft and outdoor community are the changes in weather, landscape and seasons that are all available on one tiny island. The transition from spring to summer is a particularly special time.  Wherever you are in the world reading our magazine, take some time to embrace these ever changing opportunities. Gather friends and family and make plans, grab some sunsets and sunrises and camp out more. Issue 74 of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine should give you some great ideas.

So, what’s inside this issue of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine? Plenty to inspire and get you fired up for the Spring to Summer transition. There is Tim Gent’s article on ‘Spotting Archaeological Sites’ on page 28 which should rivet you. Paul Kirtley of Frontier Bushcraft guides us through ’12 Easy to Forage Plants’ on Page 12 and ex SAS instructor, Lofty Wiseman, provides us with his own inimitable ‘A Fisherman’s Tale’ on page 24.

The ever popular ‘crafty’ latest article from Ian Nairn’s ‘Bushcraft on a Budget’ (page 66) and Ben and Lois’ ‘How to make an up-cycled adze?’ (page 78) will undoubtedly spark another load of your own personal adaptations. This, of course, is what makes our community so progressive and vibrant. Go for it. Simon Curran’s Damper Bread Dogs’ on page 72 also offers another way to put ideas to action.

Plus don’t forget to check out the reader offer, competitions and updates about the 2018 Bushcraft Show. Hope to see you there.



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