Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – Issue 69


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What's included?

I know from your letters that you love craft projects and Naomi Walmsley’s creative article about tanning salmon skin will inspire you (p14). Follow Ben Abbott’s step-by-step guide and create your own catapult (p96). If you have children or work with children then Geoffrey Guy’s article on building a playhouse log cabin with your children will test your woodland craft skills (p86).

If you are like your food and drink then you will love Paul Kirtley’s ‘Top 10 Wild Beverages’ (p9), and Fraser Christian’s delicious Seashore Paella Recipe (p44). Tim Gent’s ‘Tackle, Tactics and Tides’ sea fishing article shares top tips for a successful catch (p58).

From my dirt-time experiences, adventures and expeditions I share pointers and recommendations for your expedition planning (p28) and of course just before the magazine hits your doorstep there is the matter of the Summer Solstice, check out my journey on the Ridgeway Ancient Trail leading to Stonehenge (p90). All this as well as articles from Bushcraft 101’s, Dave Canterbury (p74), SAS survival expert, Lofty Wiseman (p24) and Jason Ingamells (p34) and much more.

Happy Reading!

Richard Harpham