Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – Issue 56


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In this issue we have an array of superb articles to inspire you this season. Pablo shares his knowledge of the Leporidae family and when you have discovered your local wildlife you can apply Paul Donovan’s techniques as he explains how wildlife can lead you to water. Once you have found the water and are hydrated if you fancy a water-based adventure, Tim Gent guides you to take your maiden voyage by open canoe. Geoffrey Guy explains the law surrounding trapping in the UK and Mark Williams ensures that you know your Brassicas, while Ben and Lois Orford’s article will keep your knife sharp ready to go out foraging.

As always Lofty is with us to educate and entertain where he speaks about ‘Mind over Matter’. Our resident Bushcraft on a Budget expert shows you how to make a dump pouch and Grant Neale reviews how ready to eat and freeze dried expedition meals actually taste. With Les coming to the show, for our ‘Bushcraft Around the World’ series we take a look at Bushcraft ‘Down Under’. If the warm temperatures of Australia leave you feeling a bit chilly, what with our variable weather, Jason Ingamells will keep you warm with a self-feeding fire.

We welcome James Moore on board, our wilderness medicine expert, in this issue he kicks off with first aid kits and medical conditions that can cause a person to collapse and prepping expert Steve Hart looks at why you should be a ‘prepper’ in the UK. Enjoy the read…

Happy Bushcrafting!

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